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Published on August 18, 2013

There was a moderate M-Class solar flare yesterday (Saturday) somewhere around 4:24 PM EDT. Although not a giant flare, this is by far the largest flare in a long time and perfectly timed to be the finale for my two-day jaunt to Ann Arbor, where I had too little sleep, too much different food (my own fault, of course), and a great deal of activity. I'm glad to be back home.

I was in Ann Arbor to help my daughter Anne move. I served as not only father-on-site, but also was in charge of the U-Haul, logistics, plus general gopher, and most of all babysitter for my granddaughter Emma. It was a wild time, with packing, loading, and hauling a lot of stuff.

The great news is that Anne and Emma now live in Big Rapids, Michigan in a house next door, so I will see my daughter and granddaughter most every day. As a father and grandfather, this is a perfect situation. And while it (like all things) may only be for the time my daughter Anne goes to school (she is looking at some options), it will give me a chance to spend time with them and get to know Emma all the more.

And Emma seems very glad to be here, and definitely puts me on notice by her sheer activity that I will be busy, if only keeping up with her.

While in Ann Arbor (my hometown), I got to do things like walk through the local farmer's market very early in the morning as they were just setting up, have breakfast outdoors on the patio at Zingerman's deli in the crisp air, and things like that.

I also got to visit my good friend (and great musician) Tyler Duncan, who was kind enough to work with Anne to pack the U-haul and to visit Tyler's new home and the future site for his music studio.

I am now back and able to finish re-working out own recording studio here in Big Rapids.

Glad to be back.

[Photo of Emma taken by her mom recently.]