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Published on November 30, 2013

We don't get four-day weekends very often, so we are enjoying it. Yesterday was leftover day #1. There are probably more to follow. It was also "get the studio ready for a concert" day, and we did.

The concert with May and Seth was wonderful. May baked many dozens of chocolate chip cookies, and there were urns of fresh coffee and many kinds of teas in the break room.

As for the studio, Seth and I moved the video equipment out of the way, set up rows of chairs, and generally made things nice.

The show itself was everything we hoped for, a small group of family, friends, and those who could manage to find their way through the snow. Yes, we had enough snow to plow, and that always is an eye-opener.

While there were mostly adults at the concert, there were a bunch of kids, as well. And it only took my two-year old granddaughter Emma about five minutes to figure out the layout of the place, after which she literally had the run of the studio. When her dad carried her home later in the evening she could hardly keep her eyes open.

As for the music, we loved it. It is rare to hear May and Seth in an all-acoustic set in such an intimate setting, so we all listened up. It was wonderful. And it was bittersweet because May, who is pregnant, will soon stop performing until after the baby comes (and then some), so we filled up on her songs as best we could. And Seth sang and played beautifully; his guitar solos were exquisite. Since I am a bit of a music expert, I have to say that Seth Bernard is one of the best guitar players I have ever heard.

After the show, we cleaned up, put the chairs away and called it a day, but what a day!

Changing topics, here are a bunch more of my new audio-blog series. Hope you like them.