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Published on January 6, 2014

They say the cold is coming and I believe them. Outside an almost fog-fine snow is already falling. I feel like the schoolboy I used to be when it looked like there would be no school that day. Of course, here, "no school" was declared last week when the weather prediction of bitter temperatures was announced.

And it is so quiet in this light snow with its no wind, but still exciting just the same. I feel a little like when I have to fly somewhere. I hate the idea of getting in airplanes, but there is something true and comforting about consigning oneself to a plane, just giving up struggle on some level, letting go, and getting into the ride. I wish life were more like that.

It is quiet here. Around me everywhere in our center folks are sleeping, many people here for the recording session. Who knows how late they stayed up? I went to bed early and was up and moving around by 2 AM. There was a note for me to get the whole-oats going. I have other thoughts I'm thinking, but some are just too nostalgic to write down. I feel a change is coming and I look forward to it, but have regrets as well.

As for me, I will soon be taking a week or so off for some dharma practice, so I have no idea how much Facebook time I will see.

[Recent photo with the Nikon D800E, Zeiss 55mm f/1.4 APO, f/16, single shot.]