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Published on June 10, 2014

Two large X-Class solar flares in a row (like we had yesterday) is unusual, not to mention that we have had a pretty quiet sun for some time. This indeed is an event. Scientists concern themselves, and rightly so, with the effect of solar flares on various radio transmissions and the possibility that such a flare could bring down the communications or electric grids and cause damage that could take weeks or months to overcome. This happened in 1989, when a smallish flare took out Hydro Quebec's electric grid, leaving Canadians without power for an extended period.

My interest in solar flares goes back a long way, but has been mostly concerned with the internal and creative effects of large flares on consciousness. German supreme-court justice, astrologer, and climatologist Theodor Landscheidt, a friend of mine, wrote a book on the effects of such flares on creativity years ago called "Children of the Light," but it is in German. I initiated an effort to translate this very import work into English and it was done by my dear friend (and superb astrologer) Robert Schmidt, but so far Landsceidt's widow has not allowed the book to be released.

Landscheidt's book is a study correlating the recorded history of large solar events (flares, CMEs, etc.) with famous creative individuals, and the import is that these massive solar disturbances very much affect consciousness of individuals like ourselves, often creatively.

At the same time these solar events can be very disturbing because they serve as interrupts that short-circuit whatever we may be doing at the time through the infusion of pure change (like a shot of adrenalin) into our psyches that tears through our psychological membranes, often leaving us feeling disconnected and isolated from our more comfortable recent past. In its own way, solar flares bring down our own inner-electric grid, even to the point of damaging or shattering the self, which then takes time to pull us back together and reanimate.

The double-whammy of today's two X-Class flares I venture to say is pretty damaging, at least disturbing (or disconnecting) the status quo enough to leave us with a large gap of remedial work to put our psyches back together again.

I have written extensively about this, created videos, and produced man articles, which can be found here:


I am commenting further here because I notice the inner disruption and possible damage of these particular flares, and want to point out that this is not all bad. In fact, these massive solar events help to break up and break-down the suffocating conservatism of the Self, bringing a breath of fresh air into our lives.

At first glance such events may appear to be immobilizing, but when the smoke clears and our very conservative Self knits itself back together again, the re-worked self often is an improved model, incorporating the influx of solar change into our overall system and view.

My advice from studying these massive solar events is to relax and roll with the flow of incoming change. Sure there will be blackouts or disconnects mentally and especially psychologically, but our natural inner process (our very up-tight self) will move heaven and earth to repair and bring the self back online again. In fact, these breaks or gaps are healthy, although we don't like to feel vulnerable -- naked or exposed.

If you cannot immediately get back online with yourself, consider it similar to an electric blackout, where you have to light a candle and be with yourself for a while until power is restored. Here we are talking about the nature of our psyche and self that is facing an interrupt and perhaps some gazing on our parts into the void. It is all good unless we panic or insist on reanimating something that has been made obsolete by the solar changes and can't be resuscitated.

In other words, just take a break and allow things to cohere, to become coherent once again. Given a little time the hum and drum of life will pick up and we will be back behind the wheel of whatever direction we are driving. Although it is disturbing, I do my best to be patient and allow myself to reanimate as smoothly as possible. There will be things I can't remember or hollow shells I can no longer get back into, and forcing these things is not advised. A sense of humor about this kind of thing really helps.

Just take a deep breath and begin again.

[Recent photo of two poppies, little solar events of their own.]