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Published on November 25, 2014

Actually, the pumpkins are long gone. We had a couple days of thaw and most of the snow is gone, just enough time to have some heat tapes put on our roof to help keep the accumulation of ice down. But temperatures are now frigid and the snow started up again last night; we are due for another six inches today. Last winter, the worst in recent memory, saw a block of ice form on one of our roofs as large as a living-room couch.

As for me, Margaret and I took a huge load of old clothes, shoes, etc. to Good Will yesterday. I have so much to do just around the house, if I want to do it, and I do.

For one, I am just beginning to reassemble a decent workshop again in the basement of the Heart Center, our meditation center, and, who knows, "Michael the Handyman" may reincarnate after decades in the bardo of running a business. In this world, almost anything we can imagine can happen.

Yesterday I worked on a new searchable online database of podcasts, etc., so that folks like you can find what you may be in the mood to listen to. I will include a link to it below.


Other than that, it is still winter here, and Thanksgiving is in the offing, with some of my kids, their partners, and grandkids expected. I am getting out my chef's hat and apron. Now where did I put them? Oh yeah, I don't have any.

[Photo by me of some of Nature's art.]