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Published on March 19, 2015

Perhaps because I have not been blogging much of late, some of my Facebook friends have been messaging me asking if I am OK. The answer is: I think so.

In my little world, things are changing faster than I can describe them, so blogging is like writing in the sky or water. As soon as I get a perspective somewhat clear in my mind, it is overwritten by cascading inner change and becomes practically useless. By the time a blog is written, something inside tells me it is already not current or real. This makes it hard to communicate anything but the fact of ongoing change itself. I guess my firmware is being updated. As they say, “don’t turn off the device until the update is complete.” Well, the update is still in progress and the change is outpacing the annotator in me, who can’t find his pen.

Speaking strictly for myself, I tend to feel that all of this is just part of getting ready to see His Holiness the Karmapa soon. As they say, “Coming events cast their shadow on the present,” although I might rephrase it to say “Coming events cast their light upon the present.” It seems to be happening.

And some of this is just the remains of change from my retiring. It takes time to work things out of my system. I find that stuff is still emerging from 40+ years of effort running businesses. For all of those years I was tethered to my office, to my phone, to email, fax, and the like. I instinctually do not want to get away from those means of communication – and lose touch. It is crippling!

Now it no longer matters that I am plugged-in, but my habitual mind has not yet caught on to my new freedoms. It still feels it has to be in the office or something is not right and might go wrong. I am just now becoming aware enough of all of this enough to work with it and begin to modify my habits, or try to. This is not easy, which of course is what habits are all about. It must be how a prisoner feels when he finally gets out of jail. The sky is so big!

I might also point of the forthcoming Total Solar Eclipse of the Sun happening tomorrow, Friday March 20, 2015 at 4:37 AM EST, coupled with the Spring Equinox later that evening. And that eclipse is followed by a Lunar Eclipse on April 4th, so two eclipses, back-to-back. I remind you that back-to-back eclipses are traditionally visionary times, magic times when we can better see spiritually and psychologically, if we look.

And lastly, I should also mention that I am physically sore as hell from moving my little photo studio into a room in my house, instead of elsewhere. My new studio has wonderful light, both from a skylight and two large Anderson casement windows. There is not as much total room, but there is just enough. Plus, instead of leaving the house for the studio, now I just have to walk upstairs and there it all is. This is not related to our large video and recording studio, which is a block away, which is just as it is, operative.

[Photo taken in the last couple of days.]