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Published on June 13, 2013

It is with a sense of celebration that I share the glad
news that my company Matrix Astrological Software is merging with our good friends Cosmic Patterns Software to make a single company that carries forward both lines of astrological software independently and together.

My friends David and Fei Cochrane (who founded Cosmic Patterns) and Margaret and myself (who founded Matrix) are uniting to form one company that can better serve the astrological community.

David Cochrane and I worked together at Matrix Software early on (1981), so we are already good friends. The two companies will be consolidated and located at the Cosmic Patterns office in Gainsville, Florida, where David and Fei will run the operation. My staff will work from here in Michigan. As for me, I will continue to work closely with the team as an advisor and creative contributor.

Matrix and Cosmic Pattern customers will now get the benefit of both lines of software and the two brands of programs will soon be talking to one another and sharing files. This is just the beginning.

Personally, I am very happy to be working with David again and to have the opportunity to pool our resources and staff to form a company that can better be of use to the astrological community.

Please share our happiness with astrological friends and expect great things from us!

Note: For those who don't know my history, I have the honor of being the first astrologer to program microcomputers and share those programs with my fellow astrologers, back in 1977. According to an article written for Red Herring Magazine, Matrix Software is the oldest software company still on the Internet, aside from a little company called Microsoft.