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Published on April 28, 2013

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We are in an intra-eclipse time, three eclipses all in a row for that matter. Theoretically we should be (or can be) more sensitive to our inner changes during this time, at least that is what the Tibetans point out. As they say, eclipses are times to observe our mindstream with more care. Why? Because things are happening now, if we will just look or learn to look. And what is happening is change, and change is what fuels creativity.

By definition, change of any kind marks instability of the status quo. Life is once again in flux, and that fact impacts the way things are. This means that things will not be going on the way they have been going. Things are changing. I am reminded of the line in Dylan's "Ballad of a Thin Man," "Something is happening here, but you don't know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones?"

If we are passive, I guess we wait to see how the changes turn out, for the better or for worse. But that is not something we would dare do if we were driving a car, wait to see how things turn out. Instead, we would have to drive the car. What makes us think change is any different and has to be waited out?

I find that change can be uncomfortable, sometimes even unsettling, having my deck shuffled right before my eyes. But change is also a chance. When things change, a little bit of chaos (unpredictability) is injected into our sense of order. Most of us just keep our heads down and wait it out when change comes, but there are alternatives.

By definition, change shakes up (changes) the status quo and brings with it uncertainty, uncertainty that things will stay the same. Sometimes that is a good thing. We may want or need things to change. And by being aware, we can to some degree even guide our choices in times of change.

The energy of change (during eclipse times) does not last forever, so use it while you have it. When it has run its course, the status quo will creep back in and reassert itself. You can count on that. Things will shrink back to normal, perhaps to a new normal. But change will be gone, and the opportunity for changing things will also be more difficult.

This increased solunar activity at eclipse times produces gaps or openings in our everyday life, chinks in our armor, opportunities for change. Sure, we can hunker down and wait for change to pass (and usually do), but we can also meet change head on and learn to use it to change things more toward how we would like them. We can drive the care. Change is a time of and for activity, not inactivity.

Yes, at times of change everything can be a little more upsetting. Anything can happen when the energy of change is injected into what is normally relatively unchanging. Things move and shift around in there, often seemingly, but not always and not completely, beyond our control. Many of us are waiting and secretly hoping for change.

As for me, I always look forward to these eclipse times because they are so creative. Change is the wild card that trumps the status-quo. And change is so democratic. In the whirlwind of subtle inner changes at these times, things once again become possible that I had all but given up hope of. Eclipse-assisted change means that I may just do an about-face and start to march to a different drummer. With a little help, I can change.

As the Latin slogan "Carpe Diem" says, seize the day!

[Photo taken yesterday in the woods of the Bloodroot flower, a sure sign of spring, a little late this year.]

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